Outdoor Banners: Outdoor Banners can be used for billboards, building wraps, banners, trade show signage and more. Waterproof and durable use them outdoors and indoors.

Banner printing allows you to add a professional polish to any event. Banners can be used at celebrations or to advertise services and products. Their versatility makes them an investment and an asset. Their affordability makes them practical for every budget. Guru Printers specializes in printing durable, vibrantly colored banners with razor clarity.

Banners for Advertising

Banner printing as a means of advertising has been popular for years. If you’re launching a new product or a new feature, a banner is a simple but eye-catching way to get the word out. A grand opening or a huge sale can generate a lot of buzz for your business. Help it pop with a bright banner.

Celebration Banners

Banner printing to commemorate a celebration is also popular. Whether it’s a wedding banner with the newlyweds’ name or a “welcome home” bannder for someone who’s been away too long, banner printing is key to creating a look and a keepsake at the same time. Small banners are perfect for intimate gatherings. However, if you plan to have a larger event, you need a larger banner to match.

Indoor/Outdoor Banners

Guru Printers is pleased to offer durable, indoor/outdoor banners. These banners are strong enough to withstand the sun, for a while at least. Eventually, even cars and houses fade. They also withstand the weather events such as rain and snow. These banners typically come in the 13 oz vinyl that we use on all our banners at Guru Printers.